Candidate recommendations

"Nikias is one of the best recruiters I have met. He has a very motivating attitude and a result-oriented character. He is cooperative, social and professional, therefore I would really like to recommend him."

Functional Analyst

"David, from Strand Associates Consulting, has the drive to go and find the right match between the knowledge of the consultant and the need of the customer. He’s always available and tries to find quick and adequate solutions."

Process Engineer

"Miriam from Strand Associates Consulting is a great professional; committed and knowledgeable. She manages to turn the recruitment process into a pleasant experience, taking the pressure away from the job seekers allowing them to focus on the opportunities at hand. Miriam's experience in the digital arena allows her to match the right candidates with the ideal roles/organizations. Her work goes beyond signing the contract. After hire, support and follow-up differentiates her services, making her unique."

SEM Scientist

"Simon's extensive personal contacts and professional knowledge of the Oil & Gas engineering world position him perfectly to match candidates with companies. His close, personal attention to successfully conclude the selection process, is truly outstanding."

Chemicals Professional

"Strand Associates Consulting is leading the way in IT consulting. You are always assured of prompt feedback, their consultants assist you with knowledge and experience and they give very good advice. Also aftercare is perfect."

System Specialist

"Dorien helped me find a great position as a front-end developer. My experience with her is very positive. The communication was good and everything was clear. My requests were taken into account and I'm certain that Dorien had a great influence in getting that job for me. A job well done."

Front-end Developer

"Nick is a person to know. Concise and effective, he can distinguish the best for the good of all."


"My experience with Strand Associates Consulting is a great one. I've witnessed an extremely fluent and efficient hiring process, a great set of skills in their network and a friendly approach. It's a company that cares. Highly recommended to anyone looking for a reliable partner in freelance work."

Mobile Expert

"I have had the pleasure of working with Gaël for more than two years now and in that time I have known Gaël as a great recruiter with a professional approach. He is helpful, a problem solver and very good in dealing with difficult situations. I would recommend him."

Project Manager

"Matthieu est un partenaire efficace qui comprend rapidement le potentiel des candidats et leur permet d'atteindre des fonctions de consultants dans les plus grandes compagnies pharmaceutiques. Il est, de plus, une personne conviviale et souriante avec qui il est agréable de travailler et collaborer. Il possède une excellente expertise en recrutement, et comprend très bien les besoins de l'industrie pharmaceutique au niveau QA, QC, RA et GMP."

QA Consultant

"Thanks to Strand Associates Consulting for finding the right job for me. Special thanks to Koen Coehorst, who, thanks to his attention, his professionalism and refreshing look at things, managed to achieve a perfect match. I felt like a person again, not a commodity."

QA / QC Inspector

"Ik heb reeds enkele malen samen gewerkt met Strand Associates Consulting en ik ben zeer tevreden over deze samenwerking. Vooral de professionele manier van werken bevalt me heel erg, maar niet enkel dit: ook de snelle afhandeling van zaken en de correcte manier van werken is zeker een punt dat in het oog springt."

Plant Manager

"Dominique from Strand Associates Consulting contacted me a while ago with a great job oppertunity. She was my consultant and she acted as intermediary in order to transfer the right and correct information. She did her very best to translate my talents and competence to this oppertunity. She showed her excellent skills, knowledge and professionalism to guide this to a positive end. She is a very nice and honest person, trustworthy, qualified, transparent and to the point. Thanks Dominique to turn my page and start a new chapter in my life!"

Inside Sales

"Oil & gas engineering is a thug world, but Simon succeeds in getting me in the places where I want to be and helps me to grow in many areas."

Project Consultant

"From a candidate's point of view, I experienced Strand Associates Consulting as a recruiter who knows how to distinguish themselves in the market. Their responsiveness, high quality feedback, flexibility and respect in combination with a high level of professionalism makes them an outstanding partner. I would say, the partner of choice for companies and candidates who need a perfect recruitment fit."

Business Director

"Professional, punctual, expert knowledge are only some of Dorien's attributes that I experienced when she was helping me find a job."

Java Consultant

"In 2013, I was fortunate to work for Strand Associates Consulting as a project support officer. During this period Strand Associates Consulting demonstrated all the qualities that I seek for my business as a self-employed person. Not only did they, and their recruiter Nick Vermeulen in particular, land this precise contract were other competitors were unable to. Nick also managed to negotiate a day rate that was the best possible. As I started working for Strand Associates Consulting, I learned that close relationships with their contractors and timely payments of their invoices are key. If you are looking for interesting staffing initiatives or job openings you choose to pursue, I highly recommend Strand Associates Consulting and Nick Vermeulen more specifically."

Project Support Officer

"Matthias has a good business and professional approach as a consultant/headhunter. In his quest for recruiting, the follow-up and updates are great, guiding you through all the steps of how to perform well on a interview and how to prepare for it. He is positive-minded."

System Engineer

"I have had the pleasure of working with Gaël for more than two years now and in that time I have known Gaël as a great recruiter with a professional approach. He is helpful, a problem solver and very good in dealing with difficult situations. I would recommend him."

Senior Consultant

"Ine is sharp! She has a good eye for a match and she will do everything she can to make the deal work. She really builds a bridge between the client and the candidate. From Ine, you can also expect direct and honest feedback as Ine is after long-term relationships. Working with Strand has proved efficient, smooth and very enjoyable!"

Senior Project Manager

"I am really impressed with Miriam. She takes cares of her customers, of the consultants, but also, and this is really well above the average, Miriam is interested in the business itself. She asks questions about it, tries to understand the different points of view about it. This is really a differentiator, a must-have in this competitive market. This is a very good way for Miriam to add value to her customers. Well done!"

Payments Expert

"Matthieu is a partner with a very professional approach, proactive, customer-oriented, and a proficient decider. He is able to find solutions quickly for his customers."


"Many thanks to Strand Associates Consulting and especially to Koen. With his refreshing view, motivated approach, flexibility and perfect feedback he always manages to find the perfect match. A real example for how recruitment and selection should be handled."

Logistic Manager

"It was a pleasure to work with Dominique! She was able to find the most suitable job for me due to an intensive screening and plenty of feed back moments."

Assistant Purchasing Manager

Saïf recommended Nikias
Eddy recommended David
Fiona recommended Miriam
Maurice recommended Simon
Achmed recommended Matthias
Christophe recommended Dorien
Olivier recommended Nick
Kristof recommended Ine
Zied recommended Gaël
Benoit recommended Matthieu
Ghislaine recommended Koen
Jean-Louis recommended Stéphane
Hung recommended Dominique
Wendy recommended Nikias
Daniël recommended David
Niek recommended Dorien
Flip recommended Nick
Frederik recommended Matthias
Martin recommended Gaël
Valérie recommended Ine
Ernesto recommended Miriam
Philippe recommended Mathieu
Danny recommended Koen
Jeffrey recommended Dominique
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