Strand Associates Consulting turned 5

5th of February 2009: Strand Associates Consulting is born!

Determined to make it in the world of selection and recruitment, Strand Associates Consulting attracted young potentials with a drive! The newly acquired consultants served as the backbone for the aspirational growth. Young & engaged talents, intensive training, passion, commitment and an impact-focus were (and are) the key ingredients for making the difference in the world of Staffing Solutions.

The journey upon till now...

The past 5 years were intense: fast moving markets, changing growth patterns, a financial & economic crisis and various other events. Still, Strand Associates Consulting managed to grow year after year, something we are really proud of! The following timeline is a visual overview of the major accomplishments over the past 5 years:

Let’s celebrate!

Our core business is not a B2B or a B2C business, it’s a H2H business: human to human. Strand Associates’ success is directly linked with the people we work with every day:

               • Our clients
               • Our candidates
               • Our internal & external consultants

Off course we want to thank all of these people for their trust and their willingness to work with Strand Associates Consulting. Therefore, we will organize a series of activities to celebrate our anniversary in the course of this year. Make sure to check out our rebranded website and social media for updates.

Let's connect !

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