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Benefits of digitization will only be reaped by organizations that are open to collaborate. New roles such as Chief Digital Officer and Chief Customer Officer will drive digital transformation by destroying silos and bringing departments together. Is your organization digital-ready?

A team of ICT & Digital experts to scope your need for talent

Even though they combine 10+ years of business consultancy experience, our associates are intensively and continuously trained, so they have the knowledge and experience to understand your industry challenges:

  • Augmented, automated customer service through AI & chatbots;
  • Blurring of the physical and digital world thanks to AR & VR;
  • Disrupted business models because of affordable 3D printing;
  • APIs as a secret weapon for embracing true digital transformation;
  • Blockchain and distributed-ledger concepts;
  • Digital Roadmap Management from a-z, from the introduction of the digital concept until the implementation of the digital action steps. 

We know what we're doing

25+ skilled ICT & Digital consultants to deliver results

Depending on your business needs, we deploy (a team of) consultants with appropriate skill and seniority levels. We combine a team of pay-rolled ICT & Digital consultants, with a network of trusted, independent professionals.

All of our associates have T-shaped profiles; extremely skilled within one expertise, with the necessary understanding of how other departments operate. Our people understand the broader business picture. A necessity, we believe, to turn your challenges in competitive advantages. 

Clients that trust us

We have successful partnerships with BNP, Argenta, Capgemini, Colruyt Group, ING, Ingenico, Medialaan, Octa +, Samsung Electronics Benelux, Sentiance, Sepia NV, VAB, VikingCo, Napoleon Games, Bank Delen, Xplore Group, Wilink, De Persgroep Publishing …

Customer Satisfaction

Our aim is not just to satisfy our customers. We want them to tell others why working with Strand rocks! Since 2015, we continuously measure our level of performance in ICT & Digital via Bain & Company’s net promotor system:

  • 82 % of ICT & Digital professionals were pleased about the collaboration with Strand.
  • 48 % of ICT & Digital professionals would proactively recommend working with Strand.
  • On average, Strand is rated 8,9 out of 10 by ICT & Digital professionals we worked with.

(Figures of 2016) 



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