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4/3/2019 - Posted in  Strand Associates

10 reasons to become a sales consultant at Strand

Do you want to manage your own business? Take control of your financial future? Master your own career path? Are you eager to help people and work towards the same goals? 
Then, we’ve got an awesome opportunity! Find out why becoming a sales consultant at Strand is the right next step for you!

1) Be your own CEO

The main reason is to become an entrepreneur. At Strand, you learn how to build a network and run your own 360° business with a safety net to catch you if you’d fall. From hunting and screening the right candidate to developing your business and managing your own pool of consultants. When you’re ready you’ll receive full autonomy to become the author of your own success story.


2) Boost your income

Concerning your financial future, the ball is in your court. If you work hard, your efforts will be rewarded. It’s up to you to take control.



“I can create my own journey within the company.”
- Yara Snikkers, Associate Consultant



3) Become a better 'you'

Strand’s ambition to grow and shape the future for all its stakeholders opens a lot of doors. For us to grow, we need you to grow with us. In other words, there are many career opportunities to grab, but also important are the possibilities and means you’ll receive to work on your personal development. Besides, there’s always room for great ideas or to expand your own business. At Strand, you are the master of your own career path.


4) Gain a new family

The best part? You don’t have to do all this alone. Strandies are family, meaning they are fighting together for the same cause and are there to support one another whenever needed.


5) Get supported with each step

Hence, our management and even our CEO are always there to listen to your needs, wants and ideas. You can turn to them for support and guidance but also to share a great idea or concern. 


“Strandies are like family and everyone is fighting for the same cause.”
- Mickaël Goudmaeker, Associate Consultant


6) Power to the people

As an entrepreneur, you need the freedom and responsibility to manage your own business. You don’t need to be micro managed but instead you need to feel trusted. On top of that, Strand offers you the opportunity to contribute to and think with the management to improve Strand’s way of working.


7) Human 2 human

Trust is an important ingredient for every relationship we build. Therefore, we’ve put the humanity back in recruiting. In this line of business there are a lot of “sharks”, but at Strand, we actually care about our clients and candidates. Being humane also means that we are a business partner instead of a recruiter. Your main focus will always be to help people; help the candidate find a new challenge that makes him/her happy and help the client to find the right talent that successfully owns the project.
This way, we’re building more trust and therefore better relationships with our clients as well as our candidates.


8) In it together

Talking about relationships, there is no competition between colleagues and thus it’s a way more enjoyable environment to work. We are all taking care of each other and helping each other to reach our targets.


“Everyone is willing to stimulate and help each other to reach targets.”
- Yara Snikkers, Associate Consultant

9) Manage your own agenda

There are no 2 jobs exactly the same nor are the people you’ll meet every day. You will discover lots of new places by going on meetings with clients as well as candidates. And most importantly, your network will keep expanding, making you the owner of a constantly growing and changing business.


10) Shape the future

And last but certainly not least, we believe every company has an obligation to shape a better future for the next generation. That is why you’ll get the opportunity to be involved in shaping a better future for children in Brussels and Nepal.



 Thanks to our sales consultants for sharing their honest experience and expert input.

- Ineke Smeulders, Marketing Manager

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