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7 Recruiting game changers to keep in mind

7 Recruiting game changers to keep in mind

Attracting the right talent to hire and strengthen your company’s workforce is getting tougher by the minute. Certainly when you work in niche areas where the number of jobs outweigh the number of experts by far. So yes, our recruiters will have to step up their game! But how?

1) Embrace marketing

The need for a good collaboration between recruiters and marketers has never been more important. Since most professionals are not actively seeking for a job, you need to stand out to be noticed. Marketing tactics such as social ads, using your employees as brand ambassadors or leveraging your employer brand can help you attract their attention.

2) Employer branding

Employer branding has always been an important one, but now more than ever, professionals value what a company does for its people. And we’re not talking solely about the possible career paths, benefits or events but certainly also about your company culture, values and the challenges one can undertake. 
Besides, this is key to the retention of your current employees as well.

3) Referral recommendations

If you do a good job with your employer branding towards your current employees, you raise the chance that they want to help you find new talent. Employee referrals save you time in finding and convincing professionals to work for you, certainly when there are so few candidates actively seeking for a job. According to LinkedIn, this is even the top source of quality hires.

4) Social recruiting

In this age of so-called passive candidates, now more than ever, it becomes more and more important to be present where your targeted professionals are active. Find a way to attract their attention in their daily routines.

5) Automation and artificial intelligence?

According to LinkedIn, the automation of screening and hiring will also become of significant value to save time and eliminate human bias. Though this is true, never forget that you are working with humans and that a personal touch is still the best way to go.

However, that does not mean that you should not consider new interview tools or tactics that at least take the human bias away, such as chatbots for a first structured survey.

6) Candidate experience

After you’ve found a possible match, through social recruiting, a good employee referral or any another way, it is key to ask yourself how they experience the hiring process. Is it humane and with a personal touch, fast enough, and is your communication timely and clear? Make sure you get their intel and improve your tactics continuously. Moreover, getting them to share their experience in public could also help strengthen your employer brand.

7) GDPWhat?

Finally, the new General Data Protection Regulation ensures that your candidates control their personal data. So, make sure you are compliant with GDPR and if necessary, be creative about how to convince candidates to stay in your data base.


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- Ineke Smeulders, Marketing Manager

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