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1/14/2020 - Posted in  Strand Associates

Testimonial: Benefits of sports at work

Alain's story

My name is Alain, I've been a professional for 22 years and since the beginning of my career, I must have had an average maximum of 2 days of sick leave per year. Luck? Maybe a little, but not only that.

From the beginning of my career until now, I maintain a lifestyle with constant sport activity, on average three times a week. With these cumulative years of sport and work, I realized the positive effects on my work. Now, I want to share my story to encourage & motivate employees and employers to establish an athletic spirit in the workplace.
Sport is good for your health, no one doubts it, but what we see less is the benefits for your work results.
A healthy mind in a healthy body…
Yes, old maxim, but scientifically proven nowadays: sports make you smarter by enhancing your brain's ability to adapt and create new cells, regardless of your age. In addition, sport improves focus and the ability to think and assimilate. Sports also relieve stress. 
Back pain, the illness of the century
Whether one is an office worker or a manual worker, back pain has become a leading cause of illness. Practicing a sport strengthens the muscles that support the back, and avoids or relieves in any case a lot of problems of back pain. But be careful, not all sports are good if you already experience back aches. Consult a doctor to make sure.
Feeling good about yourself makes you more dynamic at work
Sports have a positive impact on physical and mental well-being, making workers more efficient, more motivated and therefore more productive. According to a study published by Health Canada, an employee who has at least 30 minutes of physical activity per day gains 12% in productivity compared to his sedentary colleagues. Needless to say, this is a 100 % bonus for the profitability of the company.
Decrease in absenteeism
The absence of one or more employees still disrupts the general operation of the company, and may result in relatively high replacement costs. Better health, better recovery of a disease, being less subject to the risk of burn-out are all factors that greatly reduce absenteeism at work through the practice of sports. Most studies mention a 40% reduction in absenteeism!
From a sporty spirit to a team spirit
Sport is a vector of strong values such as team spirit, mutual aid, respect for rules and respect for others, surpassing oneself, the pursuit of individual and common goals ...
Whether it's through sports team-building, the creation of a sports team, or just running with a few colleagues, sport helps to strengthen relationships and team spirit within the company. (up to 8% according to a study conducted from 2015 to 2017 by the French National Olympic Sports Committee)
Corporate Image and Enhanced Worker Engagement
Several surveys show that companies that promote sport are considered dynamic, modern and humane.
Employees (whether or not practicing a sport) who are part of a company where physical and sporting activities are organized feel proud, even lucky, that they pay attention to their health. They are therefore more engaged.
In conclusion…
Whether it's for the employer or the employee, investing in sport is a benefit. It improves the quality of life, health, morale, productivity, and loyalty.
So dear employees and employers, encourage each other to be active and choose an athletic lifestyle!

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