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1/22/2019 - Posted in  Strand Associates

Giving back to society - An insight look

Helping improve life quality

In the summer of 2018, Strand donated €6 460 to the Audrey Jacobs Foundation to help improve two projects. Our company culture includes being transparent about who we are and all the things we do. Consequently, we want to be transparent about where the money goes that we raise with our charity events. 
Believing in the fact that we are all playing a role in shaping the future, we always choose projects that help improve the life quality of less fortunate people and especially of children.

Project 1: Optimize Aarya Tara Preschool

Budget: €2160

To improve the school experience of kids in Bhaktapur, the Audrey Jacobs Foundation painted the class rooms to give them a new look and feel and provided them with new tables, chairs and bookshelves to enhance every learning experience. On top of that, they placed a slide in the backyard for the children to have a normal playground experience. Conclusion: happy children!

Project 2: Phulbari & Tusa Program

Budget: €2500 for infrastructure

These one-month programs make sure that parents and children can become more independent and optimize their quality of life within the community. To make sure they start off good, the rooms used for the programs where improved upon too. A new kitchen allows them to keep everything clean, the new boiler makes sure there is hot water, lockers help keep the material safe and electrifying work optimized heating and safety.
Besides, each of the children’s rooms were equipped with a cupboard with specific toys meant for daily activities, sensory stimulation and education. Group activities are very helpful for the program, but it is also important that children can put into practice what they learn in a quiet environment.

“Hot water is very much appreciated!”

Budget: €1800 for follow-up

To follow-up the families that participate in these programs but live in the mountains, the volunteers need to be able to reach them day and night. With their new scooter, it is much easier to drive up the mountains to the families that live secluded and far away from the city.

“The new motorbike reduces transportation time by half!”


“Once again support from Strand is deeply appreciated and helps us improve our different projects. Thank you very much!”

Reading this feedback makes us truly happy. As a company we feel blessed to be able to help.

- Ineke Smeulders, Marketing and Charity Project Manager


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