} How to make sure you get the job?

9/8/2017 - Posted in  Strand Associates

How to make sure you get the job?

How to make sure you get the job?

That’s the million dollar question, isn’t it? You can be prepared properly, perfectly fit for the job, have a great first interview and still don’t even get to round two. The “getting the job” potion with the perfect mix of ingredients is not ours to give, because it doesn’t exist. But we can provide you with some useful tips to at least make a hell of an impression and raise your chances of receiving an invitation for the second round.

It all starts with preparation

Getting to know the company and job you’re applying for in more detail is one of the most important aspects of preparation. Without this, you’ll immediately give the impression that you’re not interested in the job at all. But what is it that you should know upfront? The company’s activities, vision, mission, values, structure, growth strategy and culture provide a good foundation. And how will you find this? Take the time to explore their website, read online articles or blogs about the company or ask someone who works there. If part of the information is not displayed, you can always ask for it during the interview.
Same with the job description; make sure you’re fully aware of what it includes. Moreover, prepare some examples of previous projects that prove you can handle the responsibilities. Be aware of your strengths and weaknesses in order to show you’re the right fit for the job. And last but not least, think about the added value you can bring to the company.


"Be enthusiastic about being there."

It continues with attitude

A good impression is made in a number of ways and your attitude is certainly one of them. For most companies your attitude is way more important than your hard skills because skills can be acquired but an attitude is not so easily changed.
First of all, be honest. Not only about your skills, but also about the fact that you want to be there. Otherwise you’re wasting everybody's time. Also, be enthusiastic about being there. Make sure your body language and non-verbal communication don’t say otherwise, but reflect confidence and openness.
Besides that, there needs to be a cultural fit. Do you share the same values and goals as the company? Then speak up and let them know!


“Dare to ask questions.” 

“Dare to ask questions!”
“Dare to ask questions!”

It proceeds by listening actively

An interview can be the first step of a long-term relationship, which means listening is key. Here, it is important for both you and the interviewer to listen to each other. That way you can initiate a conversation between the two of you instead of an interrogation on the part of the interviewer. Listen closely and react with relevant information or questions. Yes, dare to ask questions yourself.

It certainly depends on your interest

I repeat, dare to ask questions. This doesn’t only prove that you did your research about the company and the job, but it shows that you’re interested. An average of 10 questions should do it and you can ask about the company’s growth vision, structure and culture, about your future team or what quality will be the most important in your job. As long as the questions make sense, show you thoroughly thought about them and are not already answered during the interview, you're good.


“Think about the added value you can bring to the company.”

It can be brought home with your skills

Besides a good preparation and the right attitude, both your soft and hard skills matter too of course. The interviewer could test your interaction with stress situations or your ability to adapt quickly. Besides, they want to hear concrete examples that prove your hard skills or show how you’ve handled similar projects.

It ends with a match

A last but very important aspect for both you and the interviewer. Do you think it’s a match? If yes, great! Hopefully you made a good impression and will be invited for round two. If no, just say it’s not the job for you and don’t waste both your time.


 Thanks to our experts for their insights!

- Ineke Smeulders, Marketing Manager

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