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4/3/2020 - Posted in  Strand Associates

Merci België / Belgique


The full scope of the negative economic consequences of Covid-19 is yet to be discovered. The fact that we all will be impacted in one way or another goes without saying. Luckily, humankind has the amazing ability to stand by each other, especially in the face of exceptional circumstances.

OMcollective launched the #MerciBelgië / #MerciBelgique campaign this week; an amazing social movement to support all Belgians affected by Covid-19. As one of Strand's core values is to be humane, we love to support this initiative. Our Strandies taped a message to show gratitude to every single Belgian who stepped up and took action to make the lives of those around him/her a bit better, during these unusual times. #STRANDedTOGETHER 

About #MerciBelgië

On www.mercibelgie.be you can read about all the initiatives others have taken to support the people affected by Covid-19. It may inspire you to contribute to one of the initiatives or to start your own.

At Strand Associates Consulting we are proud to say that over 90% of our consultants are still working, thus contributing to our clients' businesses. Moreover, we are actively helping new clients with finding experts to support their altered business needs. Lastly, we budgeted € 4 000 in gift vouchers for our staff and encouraged them to spend it locally, online or offline.

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