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5/18/2020 - Posted in  Strand Associates

My Strand internship - Jelle Dangez

Who is Jelle?

Jelle is a marketing student from AP college in Antwerp. He joined the marketing team in February and is helping us with achieving our goals. After 4 months of working with us, his internship has come to an end. He wrote us a short article about his experience at Strand. 

My Strand internship: the wins, the learns & the opportunities

This is how I experienced my internship of 4 months at Strand Associates Consulting (SAC). The only thing I knew about Strand was that they are a boutique consultancy & recruitment firm by checking their website and social media. I had my first meeting with Caterina regarding the tasks I would be handling, a brief introduction of Strand & a glimpse of the office. I can say that after this I was sold & excited to have the opportunity to do my internship here!

The wins

Successfully helping with the growth of the Strand LinkedIn. One of my main tasks was to help create & schedule the daily social media content for Strand and I’m glad to have helped with this. Being able to plan a full month of content definitely isn’t easy to do, but I’m glad I was able to do this. It also gave a good feeling when posts where successful, got good feedback and contributed to the growth.

During these 4 months, every month there was positive progress with the social media. I also had the chance to analyze every month and give a presentation about the numbers to the Marketing team. These presentations were engaging, clear, provided interesting insights and plans of action for the next month.

I also learned to work efficiently with the websites. On the Strand website, I published the opinion pieces & articles of the consultants. I made the charity website (www.shape-the-future.be) back up-to-date and added some more content.

The learns

I learned a lot of things which is the most important element from an internship. I learned how to create social media content for Strand by one of the best, my mentor, Caterina. The planning of the social media content was also a learning process. From scheduling it the day before to scheduling it 2 days before.

Planning my tasks and setting goals was an important learning experience for me. Planning each task and what result I wanted out of it was a big one. It took me 4 months to get this right, but it is an important foundation to have for the future.

Presentations were also a big learn for me. I am happy that people found my presentations engaging and clear. The points I had to improve where to make them more visual (examples) and that I also have to make them more interactive.

The opportunities

I had lots of opportunities during my internship. Getting to work with new programs like Falcon, creating the Merci België campaign video, being able to create new content pieces, attending a Strand event, helping in the process to find a video partner, ….

But the greatest opportunity was to be able to work at Strand. I got to meet motivated & talented colleagues who love their job and are always prepared to help each other. I was able to be part of the Strand family and it’s an experience I won’t forget. I definitely recommend an internship here!

A big thank you to Caterina Janssens. She mentored me during my internship and did a fantastic job. She taught me a lot about social media, content creation and planning. She always made sure to check-in and out every week to make sure everything went smooth and if I needed guidance with tasks. She also provided me with good feedback and new challenges.

Jelle Dangez

Marketing intern

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