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10/2/2017 - Posted in  Strand Associates

Paparazzi at Strand

Behind the scenes of our very own photoshoot

A while ago we had kind of a chaotic day at the Strand headquarters. When our colleagues went for coffee, for a meeting or to meet a candidate for his first interview, they came across photographers and models. Our very own models by the way.

Unique photos for our new website

With a brand new website belong new and unique photos, so we decided to do our own photoshoot. Luckily, we already had a great house photographer that we could rely on, a nice office as scenery and background and great people who wanted to participate. And so, it felt like the paparazzi visited Strand.

Paparazzi at our clients

Besides photos that represent our Strand culture and values, we also wanted unique pictures that represent our expertise and business industries. To realize this, a few of our clients were so friendly to welcome our photographer into their company.

A big thank you

A big thanks to our photographer, our colleagues and friends who participated and especially to our clients (and their colleagues) who welcomed us into their company!

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