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12/10/2019 - Posted in  Strand Associates

Strandie in the spotlight: Cintia Guedes

Strand is turning 10!

We grew continuously in terms of revenue and number of colleagues. But more importantly, we grew in culture, attitude, involvement, community strength and family bonds. In short, our family did not only grow, it became stronger.

And of course, this is because of our Strandies. Therefore, we would like to put them in the spotlight and this month we would like you to meet Cintia Guedes.

Who is Cintia?

Cintia joined Strand Associates Consulting in 2019. She's a prime example of commitment because she left her home country Brazil to grab the opportunity as a project consultant in our pharmaceutical affairs division! Learn more about this ambitious & driven woman in the interview below. 

1) How did you become a project consultant at Strand?

Moving to Europe for work has been a goal in my career since I love travelling and meeting new cultures. I was actively looking for an international experience. I started to learn French in Brazil, and Belgium seemed like the right place for me.

After I set my Linkedin for the Belgium area, Nora and Matthieu found me for a position at UCB that required both Portuguese and Spanish. Moreover, this opportunity was in the Quality Assurance area, so the perfect position for me!
Matthieu and the whole Strand team gave me all the support I needed, beyond all my expectations! After the interview, we worked together to get all the documentation submitted, and soon I was able to join the team.

A big congrats and thank you to Matthieu, Margot, Nora, and the whole Strand team!

2) What’s the best thing about being a senior associate at Strand?

The spirit of being a Strandie, definitely! People are so united, as I haven't seen ever before! We work as a big team, a big family. I'm very motivated to give my best at work every day because I know how this will contribute to make our team bigger and stronger!

3) How would you describe Strand in 3 words?

Confidence, Trusting and Caring – Strand believed in me from the first contact moment, until I could finally start at my job. Also, Strand has been supporting me all the way during this adaptation period. Everybody is always helpful. I know my colleagues at Strand support me all the way, and I’m 100% sure that I can count on all of them, and they can always count on me.

4) What’s your biggest win at Strand?

Being a DJ at the 10 Years Strand partying I guess… haha just kidding!
At my mission, my main objective is to strengthen communication with Latin American partners and I have been putting all my efforts on this from the first moment.

Also, I have been working with all my team on improving our processes, which is something I love, and I think that the most rewarding of all of this is establishing good relations with the whole team, and working together.

I'd say that connection and teamwork are my biggest wins so far!

5) Tell us something about yourself that might surprise us.

I left a very big family in Brazil: I have 3 siblings, 23 uncles/aunties, and 58 first degree cousins!

6) If you could pick one superpower, what would it be?

I always wanted to be able to teletransport, because I love to travel and explore the world! Now that I moved to Belgium, my wish to do it is even bigger, so I could easily see my big family and also all my friends in Brazil! 😊

7) If you could give one important advice to others in your profession, what would it be?

I think my advice would be applicable to any other colleague in any area: always believe that each day you can do a little better than the previous day, and keep your faith in it.

Even when you have a day that is not as great, don’t stop believing and putting your efforts on making improvements, making things simple, so you can continuously improve. And I'd also say: keep yourself always ready to help your colleagues, in any way that you can help.

I love collaborative environments, so I trust that this makes the work environment healthier and much better to live in!

8) What was your favourite Strand event?

I’ve been here for only 2 months, and one of the events I attended was the 10 Years Strand Party. This party was perfect, matching with Strand's dynamic style, from the different containers with different party concepts, for every Strandie’s taste, the opportunity to DJ at the party and share the music that I enjoy, to the really surprising stage above the container where our CEO speeched and handed out the Strandie of the Year award.
Everything was perfect! Can’t wait for the next event!

9) Which Strandie deserves a compliment?

There are so many colleagues! I’d say my UCB colleague Lucien, who is always so kind receiving the new Strandies and gives a great support to keep the Strand team spirit of the R8 building in UCB always alive!


We're glad to have you in our Strand family, Cintia!

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