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8/13/2019 - Posted in  Strand Associates

Strandie in the spotlight: Jens Podevyn

Strandie in the spotlight

Strand is turning 10!

We grew continuously in terms of revenue and number of colleagues. But more importantly, we grew in culture, attitude, involvement, community strength and family bonds. In short, our family did not only grow, it became stronger.

And of course, this is because of our Strandies. Therefore, we would like to put them in the spotlight and this month we would like you to meet Jens Podevyn, a Strand Project Consultant working at Bilfinger ROB as a Project Manager.

Who is Jens?

Jens is a 27-year old Project Consultant with a great love for spending time in the mountains (hiking, biking and skiing). Preferably during winter time, when nature is at its most pure. In his free time, he also likes to brew beer and he’s becoming more passionate about that every year.
Jens has a degree in Industrial Engineering and went on erasmus in Norway, where he fell in love with the country. One day he expects to return to Norway to live there.

1) How did you end up at Strand?

When I graduated and started to look for a job, Imke Bongers from Strand contacted me. We talked about a job opportunity and I told her, I was looking for a job including field activities. Soon, she helped me find my first job opportunity at Bilfinger EMV. The application/contract talks were very fast and clear, leading to my first contract signing at Strand.

2) What’s the best thing about being a project consultant at Strand?

The best thing about working for Strand is that even though I work at the client fulltime, I have the feeling that there are people at Strand I can count on. Besides that, I like hearing career stories about people working in my sector or in a different sector, which confirms the fact that Strand wants to invest in us as much as possible. And lastly, the events at Strand are pretty cool.


3) How would you describe Strand in 3 words?

Valiant – Supportive – Active

4) What’s your biggest win at Strand?

Constantly meeting new people and gaining new insights ensures you to get a bigger image, aside from your family, friends and close working relationships.

5) Tell us something about yourself that might surprise us

My most gifted talent is my sense of orientation. I just cannot get lost. Hence, I like to drive, bike or hike on new and undiscovered trajectories.  If I was born in a different time, I would be a hell of a trail blazer or a great scout in an army.


6) If you could pick one super power, what would it be?

I would not choose a super power that would make things easier or more comfortable for myself. Sometimes, life is a challenge and a struggle, and I find beauty in that.
So, if I had one super power to select, I would choose the ability to heal people with a single touch. I don’t think there is anything more rewarding than being able to heal someone.

7) If you could give one important advice to others in your profession, what would it be?

Try something new and learn more about yourself and other people when dealing with new and unforeseen circumstances. Those experiences can only be helpful for the rest of your life.


8) What was your favourite Strand event?

The Ski trip by far. It is such a great event that I got to be part of the last couple of years. When participating for the first time, I did not really know the Strand culture. But this trip immediately immersed me into the Strand culture and it felt wonderful to be part of it.
This year, I normally could not join because I had booked another trip upfront. But because I really did not want to miss the event, I booked a plane directly from my other trip to the Strand event. I guess that says it all.
Through this way, I want to say thank you one more time, to all the people who made this event possible.

9) Which Strandie deserves to be put in the spotlight?

Benjamin Ducene. I met him at the ski trip (to be honest more during the après ski) and we had a fun time over there. I would like to learn more about him.


 We're happy to have you in our Strand family, Jens!

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