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Strandie in the spotlight: Jurgen Trogh

Strandie in the spotlight

Strand is turning 10!

We grew continuously in terms of revenue and number of colleagues. But more importantly, we grew in culture, attitude, involvement, community strength and family bonds. In short, our family did not only grow, it became stronger.

And of course, this is because of our Strandies. Therefore, we would like to put them in the spotlight and this month we would like you to meet Jurgen Trogh, a Strand Project Consultant working at Brouwerij Martens as a Production Planner.

Who is Jurgen?

Jurgen is a new but already very dedicated Project Consultant in our Supply Chain Division. 

1) How did you end up at Strand?

I was actively searching a new opportunity in supply chain and Kelian crossed my path  on Linkedin with some great proposals as consultant that i couldn’t miss at all. It would be a major improvement in my career with lots of new experiences and a big extension of my professional network.

2) What’s the best thing about being a Project Consultant at Strand?

The fact that you can learn on a very short term lots of new tasks in complete different environments and enterprises. The experiences and work methods learned from one project will make the start at one of the next projects much more efficient, and will make achieving goals much faster. Your learning curve will become much shorter so that you can give as a consultant much faster added value back to the enterprise where you will work for.

3) How would you describe Strand in 3 words?

Amicable: a very positive atmosphere of colleagues that are also great friends to each other

Result- Focused: working all together with the goal to serve the client as best as possible

Open-minded: a very welcome feeling for every new consultant & member and everybody’s opinion is warmly accepted


4) What’s your biggest win at Strand?

The big opportunity that I make part of a great team where everybody support each other by working with a positive mind and the desire to achieve the best possible results. It will surely help my career  to become a real expert in the wide area of supply chain with the chance to become Manager too.

5) Tell us something about yourself that might surprise us.

I love to play with numbers & analytical tasks. That’s why I want to be busy every day with the Option market. I trade mainly in Biotechnical shares on the BENE & USA markets in a self made trade fair club.

I love to travel to exotic places also.

6) If you could pick one super power, what would it be?

To predict the future: this will help me to take always the perfect & right decisions on the best 

possible time to achieve the highest outcome. 

7) If you could give one important advice to others in your profession, what would it be?

As production planner you need to have the skill to control situations with stress but also be able to stay focused and take the right decisions when last moment modifications are required (product shortage; client desires; production or maintenance issues..)


8) What was your favourite Strand event?

For sure it’s the Efteling (I only did one event yet) A very positive vibe of everybody; despite lots of rain we enjoyed the day a lot. It’s very nice to see how dutch & french speaking people worked so closely together to achieve the challenges and enjoy the attractions.

 9) Which Strandie deserves to be put in the spotlight?

Nora Jamai, as leader of the purple team she did a very good job as she took a lot of initiative and proved that it worked.


We're happy that you're part of our Strand Family, Jurgen!

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