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Strandie in the spotlight: Marie Coppée

Strandie in the spotlight

Strand is turning 10!

We grew continuously in terms of revenue and number of colleagues. But more importantly, we grew in culture, attitude, involvement, community strength and family bonds. In short, our family did not only grow, it became stronger.

And of course this is because of our Strandies. Therefore, we would like to put them in the spotlight and this month we would like you to meet Marie Coppée, a true Strand Ambassador!

Who is Marie?

Marie is a project consultant and member of our Pharma-team. Check out the interview below and get to know Marie. 

1) How did you end up at Strand?

I was at the airport and I ran into Mathilde De Bast completely by chance, I had not seen her in ages! We started chatting and she told me she was working as a Strand Associates’ consultant for GSK. I asked her to transfer my CV to her Business Manager and a few weeks later, I was enrolled as a consultant at UCB!

2) What’s the best thing about being a Project Consultant at Strand?

We have a lot of opportunities coming and I love the fact that we can open many doors. 


3) How would you describe Strand in 3 words?

Innovative – Original - Generous

4) What’s your biggest win at Strand?

The teambuilding, we won the day off ! And I was Strandie of September and won 1000 euros to spend on trainings!

5) Tell us something about yourself that might surprise us

I am going on a world tour in April 2021 ! I am an adventurous traveler and I love the challenge of living with barely anything.

6) If you could pick one super power, what would it be?

The ability to have people’s knowledge only by looking at them.

7) If you could give one important advice to others in your profession, what would it be?

Whatever job you are applying for, be dynamic and eager to learn. That is a good start to leave a good impression ! 

8) What was your favourite Strand event?

I can’t choose between the Strand Winter Party and the Ski trips !

9) Which Strandie deserves a compliment?

Cathy Jean. She has been bringing many new consultants at Strand, she is a true ambassador ! 


We're happy to have you in our Strand-family, Marie!

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