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1/22/2018 - Posted in  Strand Associates

Why consider working at Strand?

Working at Strand

What does it mean to be a consultant at Strand? Want to know how you can get a new job within a week? Carine Van Dam will happily answer these questions for you: “Strand called me on Monday, got me an interview on Thursday and a contract by Friday.” Read on to find out more about her experiences at Strand.

About Carine

Carine has already completed three projects at three different clients for Strand and has now started her fourth:

  • Supply Chain System Analyst at Duracell
  • Project Coordinator at the PTM Group
  • Data Analyst at Nopek
  • Inventory & Sales Analyst at the Cotton Group (currently)

I like a good challenge and am driven by analysis and building something from scratch. Hence, I love my current job, which is a very variate project I need to work out from A-Z.


What do you think about the Strand procedures, communication and follow-up?

Carine:  "I can honestly say that Strand puts a lot of effort in finding you a new project. Of course, as a project consultant at the client, you sometimes spot opportunities yourself, which Strand also really appreciates. For example, when I was working at the PTM Group, I found my third project at its sister company, Nopek."

"Also, the Senior Associates within Strand who help me find new projects are always doing a great job communicating. And if they have not called yet, it just means that they did not yet receive the information themselves. Contrary to other firms, there is a good contact at Strand, good communication and no spite."

How did you end up at Strand?

Carine: “Koen, one of the Senior Associates at Strand, found me through a job board when I was in need of a new challenge but not actively looking myself. From that moment on it went really fast. Koen called me on a Monday with an interesting proposition, I went on interview on Thursday and Friday I got the news I could start."

“As a consultancy firm, it is actually the best one I have worked for. If they let me, I would really like to work at Strand until the end of my career.”

Do you want to stay at Strand?

Carine: “Yes, because of various reasons. Of course, the benefits are good, but I also feel Strand is committed to its employees. When you have a personal problem or a family matter, no request is too much and you will always have colleagues supporting you. And although it is still a company that needs to do a lot of learning and growing, they are always looking to improve. As a consultancy firm, it is actually the best one I have worked for. If they let me, I would really like to work at Strand until the end of my career.



Thanks to Carine Van Dam for sharing her experience!

- Ineke Smeulders, Marketing Manager

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