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9/13/2018 - Posted in  Supply Chain Management and Logistics

Launch revolutionary Samsung phone delayed again?

Our expert's opinion

"The excitement for the new Samsung phone is dropping faster than you can say “galaxy”. The South Korean multinational company already broke their promise to launch the phone in early 2018. Now, they are apparently struggling with some rigid internal components. What will the impact be on their tech crowd who are eagerly waiting, especially with the launch of Iphone X & X Max today?"

- Munmun Rayamajhi, Associate Consultant

Samsung Suddenly 'Confirms' New Galaxy's Nasty Surprise


You should be very excited about the Galaxy S10. Despite its one obvious fault, Samsung’s 10th-anniversary handset has an all-new design, ultrasonic in-display reader, (potentially) fast updates and matches the iPhone X’s best feature. But sadly, things are beginning to look a lot worse for a phone which should’ve been even more exciting...

Speaking to The Korea Herald, Samsung has walked back heavy hints from Mobile Division CEO DJ Koh to CNBC that its long-awaited folding Galaxy F would be launched in November at the Samsung Developers’ Conference in San Francisco. Instead, it said a timeline has yet to be confirmed, and the news marks the latest in a series of postponements for the Galaxy F (also dubbed the Galaxy X), just days after Koh declared “it’s time to deliver”.

So is the Galaxy F vaporware?

My instincts are to say no. Despite Samsung promising in 2017 that the Galaxy F would launch in early 2018, and now pushing a late 2018 launch into 2019, Samsung continues to promise the phone will come to market.

Pointing to the November (the month of its Developers’ Conference in San Francisco), Samsung said: “We will have more to say about the phone under development by that time, probably some details about specifications.”

Granted this is vague, but it is also unusual for any company to talk about a future product in even these terms ahead of launch. Koh has previously hinted at both the company’s struggles and its determination to get the Galaxy F to market saying it “didn’t want to lose the world's first title".

These struggles are actually not to do with the display, folding displays have been around for years, but rather how to fashion rigid internal components (like batteries) around them.

Of course, the prize in getting the Galaxy F to market is substantial. Not only does it differentiate Samsung in an increasingly homogenized smartphone marketplace, it brings tangible benefits such as unparalleled portability and durability from folding the display away after use.

For consumers, however, the Galaxy F’s eventual launch is just one obstacle to ownership. Equally troublesome are the mind-blowing price and Samsung’s admission that very few will be made. Nevertheless, it’s clear rivals are worried.

How can we tell? Because we’ve never seen Apple ‘accidentally’ leak its new iPhones (so. many. times) before release…


Source: Forbes

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