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8/10/2020 - Posted in  Engineering

Chemical sustainability in the Port of Antwerp

The chemical sector putting a step forward to sustainability in the Port of Antwerp

ENGIE, Fluxys, Indaver, INOVYN, Oiltanking, Port of Antwerp and the Flemish environment holding are teaming up to produce sustainable methanol.

Methanol is mainly produced from fossil fuels, this process is very polluting as it is emitting a considerable quantity of CO2. The “Power-to-methanol” project would aim to produce methanol (CH3OH) by recycling recovered CO2 and sustainably prepared hydrogen.
The demo-installation would be built in 2022 on the site of INOVYN, daughter company of INEOS, in the port of Antwerp. INOVYN will also provide its knowledge of electrolyse to produce hydrogen. Oiltanking and Indaver will provide their expertise regarding logistic from methanol production and storage as capture of CO2.

Methanol being an essential basic element for the chemical sector, producing it on a more sustainable way would have a major impact on CO2-emission. For 1 ton sustainably produced methanol, 1 ton less CO2 is emitted. According to the plans, the project would be able by the end of 2022 to produce 8000 ton CH3OH a year.

This is great news! It is again a proof that the chemical sector is meant to move forward. A substantial part of several industries as the food & beverage, the energy sector but also the pharmaceutical sector relay on chemical raw materials as methanol. Therefore the chemical sector must keep on walking into the sustainable path. A change never happens in a day but I truly believe this transition could happen faster than we think.

Let’s be there to see and support this evolution, let’s not just be the audience but let’s be the actor of this revolution.

This article was written by Aldwin Camus, Associate Consultant Engineering

Source: essenscia

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