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1/25/2018 - Posted in  Supply Chain Management and Logistics

Food industry forecast: 5 trends in 2018

Our expert's opinion

"If you think 2017 was a challenging year for the food production industry, 2018 will surprise you even more. There will be a shift towards more local and smaller players and there is the believe that there will be a lot of startups within the field this year. This will make that innovations will be driven mainly by those players and will be larger in numbers then ever before. 
Furthermore, the public health crisis will force us to look at food as a medicine more then just food. Less is more in terms of sugar but not in terms of regulations. Those will only grow and make it difficult to stay on track.  And of course this year will also bring a lot of new technical changes that will be a real challenge for the industry."

- Lien Vertommen, Senior Associate

2018 and beyond: Five mega-trends set to shape the food industry

FoodNavigator looks at five mega-trends that are set to influence the future of innovation in the food sector.

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Source: Food Navigator

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