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Next step towards zero plastic packaging

Our expert's opinion

"The University of Cambridge Instute for Sustainability Leadership has done research on plastic packaging on behalf of some of the biggest bottled water and soft drinks companies. They gathered the information in a report, presented their vision on multiple subjects to eliminate plastic packaging waste in the UK and set goals for 2025. 

The reason for their study is the so called 'Plastics Crisis' and the need for more awareness regarding this subject. The need for research, development and investment are really high. 

Companies being aware of the plastics crisis is one thing and already a big step, but the consumers should be aware of it too and take action. One step closer, but a lot of steps ahead."

- Yenthe Huysmans, Associate Consultant

‘A vision for zero plastic packaging waste’: Danone, Nestlé and others set out industry challenge to rethink plastic

Danone, Nestlé, Suntory and other bottled water and soft drinks companies have set out their vision for a future where no plastic packaging is sent to landfill or ends up as litter. How can this be achieved?


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Source: Beverage Daily

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