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8/27/2019 - Posted in  ICT & Digital

What you need to know about 5G 

Our expert's opinion

"What I learn from this news is that there will be two 5G systems. Firstly, lower frequency 5G will be only slightly faster than 4G (and 4G may be picking up more speed). Secondly, high-speed 5G will require new hardware at the tower. It won't be a "software" upgrade. That 5G will also require you to be close to an antenna tower.
Ultra-high-speed 5G won't go through walls or equipment. So, businesses, especially manufacturing units, will have to rely on their own private 5G network - which consequently will transform the manufacturing industry as they have no other choice to set up their own networks in order to have steady connections. An example of an implementation that is already used today would be Bosch' 5G experiment where robots (autonomous vehicles) deliver materials to workspaces and where inspection is executed by artificial intelligence. 
In other words, the possibilities are limitless because 5G is not restricted to our smartphones. What do you think about this? In which ways do you think that 5G will change the way we consume the cellular network compared to the Wi-Fi network? We are curious to read your opinions on the subject."

- Mickaël Goudmaeker, Associate Consultant

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