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8/20/2018 - Posted in  Pharmaceutical Affairs

Need for more engagement with mental health groups

Our expert's opinion

"A recent report carried by ResearchAndMarkets.com shed light on the lack of engagement from pharma companies with mental health groups. The report shows a ranking about the partnerships between these groups and the companies. Janssen pharmaceutica came first in the ranking with its associated groups. Other companies such as Lundbeck (Danish therapeutics company), Otsuka and Eli Lilly also had great results/positions. But when you look at the bigger numbers, you realize what’s wrong. Almost 50% of the mental health patient groups that participated in the report are not currently working with a pharma company and 11% only work with one or two. Thus, this proves the low engagement from pharma companies and the lack of partnerships.

Do you think that pharma companies should invest more in their relationships with mental health patient groups, even if they had a good ranking in the report?"

- Antoine Desprez, Associate Consultant

Pharma lacks engagement with mental health groups: report


Janssen has come first in a new ranking of pharma companies’ reputation among mental health patient groups - but the report notes that engagement between these groups and companies is mostly quite limited.

The report from ResearchAndMarkets.com - Corporate Reputation of Pharma Companies, 2017-2018 - The Patient Perspective of 101 Mental Health Patient Groups - surveyed 101 mental health patient groups about their familiarity and partnerships with pharma companies.

Nearly half of the respondent mental-health patient groups did not work with any pharma company, and 11% worked with only one or two.

“Despite the important role played by this component of the patient movement, data from the mental-health element of the 2017 Corporate-Reputation survey confirms that levels of engagement between pharma companies and mental-health patient groups are not extensive,” said a statement released with the report.

In terms of reputation, Janssen was ranked 1st out of 14 companies in 2017 by the 74 mental-health patient groups familiar with it. Janssen has been rated in the top position for corporate reputation by mental-health patient groups for all three of the years in which the mental-health element of the Corporate-Reputation study has been running. In 2017 the company counted as many as 47 partner patient groups.

Lundbeck and Lilly had the second and third most partnerships, with 28 and 25 respectively. But numbers were far smaller for the remaining 11 companies analysed. MSD, Boehringer and Sanofi had the lowest, with seven, seven and six respectively.

Otsuka, which was featured in the analysis for the first time in 2017, was ranked second in the overall reputation rankings by the 31 mental-health patient groups familiar with it. The Japan-headquartered company achieved this high ranking by being rated 2nd for eight of the 12 individual indicators of corporate reputation.

Lundbeck was ranked third in reputation by the 48 mental-health patient groups familiar with it. Lundbeck came second for four of the 12 individual indicators of corporate reputation.


Source: Pharma Times

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