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11/29/2018 - Posted in  Pharmaceutical Affairs

New drug to cure HIV in clinical trial

Our expert's opinion

"This article presents a new drug from Zion Medical (Israeli pharmaceutical company) that is able to kill HIV infected cells. The drug uses a new system that ‘cuts’ the DNA of infected cells to confuse them and in the end make the cells destroy themselves. First results are very promising and only after 4 weeks of treament. First in-human trial will be conducted soon.

PolyPeptide, an international Contract Manufacturing and Development Organization specialized in peptides, is currently producing the drug for Zion Medical. Could this mean that, if the results of this trial are good, PolyPeptide will have more work on its plate and will be in need of more people for its Belgian Plant?"

- Antoine Desprez, Associate Consultant

HIV-drug ‘kills’ infected cells in FIH clinical trial: Zion Medical 


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The first-in-human clinical trial of Zion Medical’s HIV drug showed virus-eliminating results after four weeks of treatment, the company said.


Source: Outsourcing Pharma

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