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3/25/2019 - Posted in  Pharmaceutical Affairs

Brussels attracting UK based pharma companies

Our expert's opinion

"The Brussels Capital Region is hosting an event in London to show the benefits of being based in Brussels. As we’re uncertain about the future comings and (more definitely) goings of the UK due to the Brexit, it’s important to start acting now. Due to the fact that regulators that want to evaluate EU medicines need to be based in Europe, the EMA (European Medicines Agency) was the first UK based regulator to leave the UK, costing them about 900 employees as well as around 450 million euros.

As Brussels is trying to attract the UK based pharmaceutical and life science businesses, I think there will more likely be a growth in Belgium-based pharmaceutical companies bringing us more job opportunities. What do you think this will bring us?"

- Alaana Pirolo, Associate Consultant

Brussels launches campaign to attract pharma companies post-Brexit


A major campaign has been launched in Brussels to help attract UK-based pharma and life science business to the Belgian capital following Brexit.

The Brussels Capital region will host an event on 19 March targeting pharma and life sciences businesses that are looking for a European base of operations after Brexit.

Held at the Belgian Embassy in London, the event will give attendees a look into the Belgian capital and the benefits of being based in both London and Brussels. Visitors will also be given an opportunity to meet industry trade bodies.

The event is likely to attract attention given the uncertainty surrounding the UK’s withdrawal from the EU.

Cécile Jodogne, secretary of state for Foreign Trade at the Region of Brussels, said: “With increasing uncertainty on what the final relationship will look like, we have extended our programme of events with an additional one on 19 March 2019 focusing entirely on those British and international pharmaceutical and life sciences businesses looking for certainty. The only way to guarantee this is to establish a base of operations within the EU and, as the Brexit deadline bears down upon us, there are multiple reasons why businesses should act now to guarantee this presence in the EU.”

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) was one of the first UK-based regulators to leave the UK resulting in the loss of 900 jobs. Regulators wishing to evaluate medicines in the EU must be based in a member state, hence the EMA’s relocation to Amsterdam.  

“Every year over 500 clinical trial applications are submitted by the biopharmaceutical industry in Belgium (12% of the European total). Applications are being processed and approved quickly before over 170,000 patients participate in phase 2 and 3 trials. This is especially important as getting recognition for your medicine or medical technology by one European agency, means it’s recognised across Europe,” Jodogne added.


Source: European Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

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