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3/15/2019 - Posted in  Pharmaceutical Affairs

New application to trace pharma drugs worldwide

Our expert's opinion

"Nallian is a belgian IT company that is soon going to launch their new tracking service in the form of an app/platform, meant to be able to trace and track pharmaceutical products globally. It should help pharma companies to know where their products are and what is their situation, offering more transparency and in the end, giving more info to the pharma company (or its shipping partner) to act accordingly. This is especially important for drugs that are sensitive to temperature. These requires a special transport condition and have a limited time that they can spend in a cargo before losing their efficacy (just like fruits, for instance, that would rot if they transit for too long). Nallian is tackling a big market and we can only hope that their final service will be a success, as it will benefit a lot of people in the industry."

- Antoine Desprez, Associate Consultant

Nallian to launch pharma track-and-trace app

Next week, Belgium-based IT company Nallian is launching a new track-and-trace platform that it calls the “Global Pharma Tracker,” during IATA’s upcoming World Cargo Symposium (WCS) in Singapore, where it will present the new offering and share details of its early adopter program.

“Users of the Global Pharma Tracker will leverage the benefits manifold: internally, within their local community, across validated pharma corridors and ultimately across the global network,” said Jean Verheyen, CEO of Nallian.

The pharma-specific service aims to reduce and prevent the instances of supply-chain incursions associated with highly temperature-sensitive cargo by maximizing visibility and transparency.

At present, Nallian has completed a successful proof-of-concept and pilot phase, in collaboration with Pharma.Aero –  a group centered around upholding pharma shipping standards – including pharma shippers, handlers, airport authorities, forwarders and carriers,  including Johnson & Johnson, Brussels Airlines, Changi Airport and DHL Global Forwarding. Now, the service will be opened to other industry members.


Source: Air Cargo World

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