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7/20/2017 - Posted in  Strand Associates

Client Promise

Our signature recipe for success: Human(e) + Bold + some Strand magic!

1. Our human(e) network drives value creation

Consultancy is in essence a human interaction, yet so often businesses focus on non-human processes, frameworks and/or strategies to achieve success. People drive technology, not the other way around! Our people are and remain the key ingredient in our recipe for customer success:

  • Industry experts: our associates are intensively and continuously trained, so they have the knowledge and experience to understand your industry challenges.
  • Expertise-driven teams of consultants: depending on your business needs, we deploy (a team of) consultants with specific skills in Pharmaceutical Affairs, Supply Chain Management and Logistics, ICT, HR & Recruitment, Finance, Fiduciary and Legal. 

All of our associates have T-shaped profiles; extremely skilled within one expertise, with the necessary understanding of how other departments operate. Our people understand the broader business picture. A necessity, we believe, to turn your challenges in competitive advantages.

We don’t sell predefined solution packages! We have tried this in the past (as it is standard practice in our industry) and it is simply not working for us. The only promise we make is that our people will sit down with you, listen to your story and provide you with the best advice possible.

2. Expect us to be bold

At Strand, we train our brains to think divergently. 

We challenge the status quo. We hate doing things over and over again, in exactly the same manner, just because that is the way things have always been done. We don’t offer a range of standardized solution packages and tell you; pick one!

Expect us to say no! Expect us to challenge you in every step of the collaboration. We do not work for you, we work with you. We believe in partnerships. We believe that being honest and critical towards our partners, drives the biggest growth. And we expect the same of you by the way.

3. Some Strand magic

As a consultancy partner, we can proudly claim we can compete with the big dogs, because of the synergy between niche networks and in-house recruitment skills. It allows us to offer swift solutions, without loss of quality!

  • We have built a pool of expertise-driven professionals, based on the needs and demands of your industry.

But what if we don’t have the in-house talents for your specific challenge? Well, then we go out and find them!
Strand Associates Consulting started as a recruitment partner back in 2009. Since then we grew with at least 30 percent, each year. Safe to say we know our stuff. This gives us a great competitive advantage: if we don’t have the right professional in-house, we will find him/her faster than your traditional consultancy partner! 

Think about it! If an established consultancy firm is in need for a specific type of professional, guess who they are calling? Exactly, a specialized recruitment firm! Throughout the years we developed a very specific set of skills that allows us to find latent talents fast.

  • We have the recruitment skills to rapidly expand our pool of consultants if needed.
  • We have access to a vast network of independent consultants looking for their next project.

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