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Koen Coehorst Koen Coehorst

Koen Coehorst

Senior Associate - SCM

+32 (0)3/206.51.31

Matthieu Saintmard Matthieu Saintmard

Matthieu Saintmard

Senior Associate - Quality & RA

+32 (0)3/206.51.49

Jorge Alfonso Jorge Alfonso

Jorge Alfonso

Associate Consultant - Quality & RA

+32 (0)3/206.51.45

Lien Vertommen Lien Vertommen

Lien Vertommen

Senior Associate - Quality & SCM

+32 (0)3/206.51.38

Antoine Desprez Antoine Desprez

Antoine Desprez

Associate Consultant - Quality & RA

+32 (0)3/206.51.27

Matthias Van den Bempt Matthias Van den Bempt

Matthias Van den Bempt

Senior Associate - ICT & Digital

+32 (0)3/206.51.37

Bayo Owa Bayo Owa

Bayo Owa

Associate Consultant - ICT & Digital

+32 (0)3/206.51.33

Anastasiya Vyprytska Anastasiya Vyprytska

Anastasiya Vypryts'ka

Associate Consultant - ICT & Digital

+32 (0)3/206.51.36

Simon Peeters - Senior Associate Simon Peeters - Senior Associate

Simon Peeters

Senior Associate - Engineering

+32 (0)3/206.51.46

Stephanie Guille Stéphanie Guillé

Stéphanie Guillé

Senior Associate - Engineering

+32 (0)3/206.51.50

Imke Bongers Imke Bongers

Imke Bongers

Associate Consultant - Engineering

+32 (0)3/206.51.32

Yoram De Bruijn Yoram De Bruijn

Yoram De Bruijn

Associate Consultant

+32 (0)3/206.51.46

Tom Vanhecke Tom Vanhecke

Tom Vanhecke

Marketing Director

+32 (0)3/206.51.42

Ineke Smeulders Ineke Smeulders

Ineke Smeulders

Marketing Officer

+32 (0)3/206.51.39

Sofie Vannuffelen Sofie Vannuffelen

Sofie Van Nuffelen

HR & Finance

+32 (0)3/206.51.24

Lise Goddaert Lise Goddaert

Lise Goddaert

Payroll Officer

+32 (0)3/206.51.48

Sven Lauwers Sven Lauwers

Sven Lauwers

Finance Director

+32 (0)3/206.51.29

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