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Olivier Englebert joins Strand

Exciting times at Strand Associates Consulting! Bold as we are, Strand chose to invest in the next steps - midst Covid-19 - whereas most companies are looking to downsize. “Olivier Englebert, an experienced manager in the consulting world joins our company as Associate Director to help us achieving our growth objectives”, says Gaël Terroir, CEO.

Hi Olivier! What do our Strandies need to know about you?

My 3 main passions in life are sports, traveling and culture. In sports, I love trail running and triathlons. The challenge to put the bar higher, every single time, is what drives me to do better. I also combine my love for traveling with sports. As an experienced skipper, exploring new places and adventures together with my loved ones on a sailing boat is something I do as often as possible. Culture and arts appeal to my aesthetic, creative and innovative side. Furthermore, I can share that I am the father of 4. In everything I do, I like to be ambitious as it drives me to live my life to the fullest!


How did you end up in the world of recruitment consultancy? How was your career path up until now? 

If I look back and take a trip down memory lane, you can identify three distinctive stages in my career, I guess. The first stage was all about learning as much as possible! After my studies in engineering, I built ‘high voltage power stations’ for Engie as a project manager. Later on, I joined Altran as a Business Manager to develop my entrepreneurial skillset. This was my first encounter with the world of recruitment consultancy.

The second part of my career was all about new experiences! Every opportunity that excited me, I grabbed. I chose learning by doing over reading other people’s success stories and I don’t regret it for a second. The second stage in my career filled my backpack with so many amazing wins, learns and experiences. I have so many anecdotes to share (as a CEO, a sailor or a start-up founder among others), and I look forward to doing so during the Strand events and other meetings I have with our Strandies.

Today, I consider as the third stage in my career. I am in a place where I aspire to deliver added value to Strand based on my unique and varied experience.

Why is Strand the perfect next step for you?

When I met Gaël, I immediately felt a connection. The way he described Strand and its Strandies, I got excited. I share the same values, Bold and Humane, by nature. They are an inherent part of who I am.

When I learned more about the company and its culture, I was sure. Strand is the perfect place to be at this stage of my career! I quickly understood the huge potential. I love the agile, entrepreneurial spirit at every level. And the best part of all, we are only getting started! I am excited to be a part of this. There is no doubt that taking the company to the next stage will be challenging, but all ingredients are there to make it a success! 


Which short-term improvements can we expect in the coming months?

When you join a company fully in motion, you make sure you support and nurture the teams and tools that are performing so well. You make the change as easy as possible. You get to know everyone and really listen to their successes and concerns.

The next step will be implementing quick wins; small, incremental changes to make sure we can boost the growth even further. I truly believe my experience will be very compatible with the potential at Strand today. I aim for very promising results; I can tell you that!

Lastly, it should always be our ambition to make a bigger mark on the markets we service and/or want to serve. With a focus on the long run, leveraging our amazing potential should result in more (qualitative) projects for our people at more exciting clients!

Sounds great, Olivier!
Our last round is a quick question round. Answer with one word or sentence, whatever comes to mind. Ready? Let’s go!

Favorite food?
Any food I can prepare for my friends!

Favorite hobby?
Sailing! And reading!

Greatest (professional) achievement?
I did some nice things in the past, but nothing will compare with what we will do at Strand, together! (wink)

To who do you look up to?
I don’t have one role model per se, but I like Elon Musk’s ability to make his vision happen. He has such an inspirational power to attract the right people to realize whatever he sets his mind to.

Ambition for the future?
Realize Strand’s potential in the short-term future, together!

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