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8/12/2020 - Posté dans Strand Associates

Strandie in the Spotlight: Pawel Jurkiewicz

Strandie in the spotlight

Meet our Strandies! 
At Strand, our ambition is continuous growth. Yes, numbers matter. And so do culture, attitude, and involvement. Our community of talented Strandies embodies our ambitions. Aligned with our values, they do this in a bold and humane way. 

That deserves a platform! So, every month we put the spotlight on one of them to get to know them better. 

This month, we would like you to meet Marjorie Robin, an expert from our Pharma division.

1) What’s your current job title & how would you describe your current role in one sentence? 
My current Job Title is ‘Pharmacovigilance Quality Improvement Partner’. I connect the business with PV Quality during the Audit lifecycle. My goal is to ensure constructive and collaborative auditing and outcome.

2) How did you cross paths with Strand Associates Consulting?
I was at a point in my life where I wanted to change jobs because of a variety of reasons. Most notably, my employer was relocating to another country. On top of that, my work-life balance was unstable. A former colleague, who had already taken the leap to join Strand, put me in touch with Matthieu. We immediately bonded because we came from the same town and we had mutual acquaintances. There was an instant click!

3) Why did you choose to join Strand? 
I immediately connected with the company culture. I would describe it as very humane, and the Strand employees were like a small family.

I was welcomed warmly and could see myself flourishing in this type of work environment.

4) What do you like most about Strand Associates? 
The strong community, and working at a client where there are a lot of Strand consultants. This makes me feel very connected.

Working at the office
I also appreciate being able to work at the office. It makes my day much more than working from home or video calling. Also being able to work from Strand HQ alongside fellow Strandies who work for different clients, is energizing. When I go to the office, I know it's going to be fun!

A big plus of working at Strand is the Epione community app. This way, it's easy to facilitate good internal communication with HQ. I love how questions are quickly answered by HQ, this make me feel listened to. The HQ colleagues really demonstrate an attitude to go the extra mile, which is awesome.

Strand events
The HQ team makes a real effort to organize interesting events to bring our community together. It could be a learning session or a fun gathering like going to the Christmas market together.

Most of all, I like the fact that I'm part of a community of experts, where sharing knowledge and continuously learning is part of the DNA. I also consider this my biggest win at Strand.

5) If you could give one important advice to others in your function, what would it be? 
Stay constructive with a patient focus in mind.

6) What was your favourite Strand event so far?
The ski trip, without a doubt!

7) Which Strandie deserves to be put in the spotlight next?
I would like to know more about Sophie Pochciol.

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