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12/6/2022 - Posté dans Strand Associates

Looking forward to 2023

A new year lies ahead of us

With the new year rapidly approaching, we took the time to look back on 2022 with Matthieu Saintmard, Strand's Managing Director. 

Q&A with Matthieu Saintmard

What will be Strand's goal in 2023?

 In 2023, we aim to bring our expertise on an increasing amount of projects, collaborate and advise even more closely our clients on strategic matters, and keep on building more bridges between the universities and the industry by training young graduates and turn them into high potential professionals.

What will 2023 bring for the internal team at Strand pharma?

The fast development of our Talent Management structure has been a clear highlight of this year, and our aim in 2023 is to consolidate further this strong base. Linked to the growth of our team of consultants, we plan also to reinforce our HQ team to make sure that each indvidual is closely followed up and supported all along his/her career at Strand. Next to the usual professional and social events, we also plan to celebrate the 10 years of Strand Pharma 🙂

What are your top 3 goals for Strand in 2023?

  1. Keep on developing our Talent Management structure
  2. Continue to improve our expertise and offer within the fields of Quality, Regulatory and SCM
  3. Further growth in the Flemish part of Belgium and abroad

What are the highlights of 2022?

Amazing events, with the Pharma weekend as the biggest highlight (over 65 joiners), team of consultants grew by nearly 50%, and team of HQ grew by 100%. And the very successful launch of our internal communication app, Epione, which enables the entire community (and alumnis) to communicate together, and share information.


What will make 2023 a successful year for Strand pharma?


Reaching our top 3 goals as stated above, but essential that Strand remains Strand no matter how much and how fast we keep on growing. Our people will always remain central in our strategy and their wellbeing our most important priority.

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