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6/22/2020 - Posté dans Supply Chain Management

Jost Group helps AB Inbev with delivery of hand sanitizer & disinfectant

Our expert's opinion:

"Desperate times need desperate measures. In this corona crisis, Jost Group show their contribution to the world by transporting alcoholic cleaning gel & disinfectants from their client AB Inbev to needing countries like Italy and France for free. AB Inbev produces these products for free from the liquid that remains of their beer production.

These initiatives show that it's not all about making money but also about humanity."

- Faye Ben Hamoud, Associate Consultant

Jost Group helps AB Inbev deliver hand sanitizer & disinfectant

Anheuser-Busch InBev produces hand sanitizers and disinfectant alcohol and has concluded an agreement with Jost Group, its logistics partner, to distribute these crucial products in Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands, France and the United Kingdom from its production line in Leuven.

Having serious concerns about the Covid-19 pandemic, Jost Group has decided to actively participate in this action by providing free transportation for these products to the affected countries.

On Thursday the 26th of March, the first deliveries to hospitals in Belgium were completed. Deliveries will arrive thereafter in Italy and other countries.

Let's defeat this virus together!

Source: linkedin

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