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6/24/2016 - Posté dans Supply Chain Management

Niels recommends us

BOOM! Everything we stand for is in this amazing recommendation!

"When I was searching for a new challenge Lien from Strand Associates Consulting quickly scooped me up and saw the potential in me. Instead of going for the traditional approach of assessments and personality tests, Lien prefers a no-nonsense approach and really gets to know the person she has in front of her. As a firm believer of the concept 'people behave differently depending on the setting' Lien seems to rely on her knowledge of the company and then matches the right candidate with the job. Her support was really thorough before and after I landed my job contract. Lastly, I would like to add that Lien does not mess around and makes sure the process of recruiting happens in a fast way."

- Niels, Material Planner

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