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2/18/2019 - Gepost in Strand Associates

How to attract attention with LinkedIn InMails?

Nowadays, great talent is scarce and often not actively looking for a new opportunity, which means recruiters and HR struggle to even get them to respond to an InMail message. Bold as we are, however, we tried something new to attract their attention.

Experiment set-up

Having an ambitious vision to grow as a company (almost double our number of colleagues by the end of 2020), we are constantly looking for Senior Recruitment Consultants.

To fill this position, we selected 40 high-potentials. From experience, however, we know that these people receive InMails on a weekly basis and are extremely critical to which messages they respond to, if they respond all together.
From these 40 high-potentials, 20 people were randomly selected to receive a good, personal InMail and 20 to receive the exact same message in video format.
The video was recorded with a webcam and published “unlisted” on our YouTube company channel, so that only the people who receive a link can watch the video.

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