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6/1/2020 - Gepost in Engineering

Project One receives investment of the year price

Our expert's opinion:

"It is no news that Ineos is investing in the port of Antwerp as their first investment here was in 1998.
I believe their recent €3 billion investment is an evidence of the expertise of the port of Antwerp in the petrochemical industry. Their Project One definitely is a great added value to the port as it is a chance to develop its expertise in this sector even more and creates hundreds of jobs!

I definitely would like to see more projects like this in Belgium. Wouldn't you?"

- Aldwin Camus, Associate Consultant

Vlaamse trofee voor "Project One" van Ineos

The British chemical company Ineos has been rewarded with the trophy of foreign investment by the Flemish government.

Ineos has invested approximatively 3 billion euros in the port of Antwerp for their project called Project One.

The purpose of this project is to produce ethylene and propylene. As Ineos already is the biggest producer of these products in Europe but also the biggest consumer, they had to buy some their self. Now by increasing their production of these polymers, they aim to be self-sufficient as their process of producing these polymers is greener than other companies. In this way they reduce their carbon footprint.

You can watch the video via the link below (Time stamp from 0:00 to 3:25)  for more in depth information.

Source: kanaalz knack

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